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Hi people!

If you like 3D platformers, you're welcome to try ours and share with us any thoughts about it! Consider it's just a demo, but we'd like you to play around and try the transformations system.

We would like to know your thoughts about the game. It'd be very kind of you to answer this brief questionary. Once game is published, those who have answered the questionary and lent us their email will get a free code. Here's the link:



- Transform Chipo in three unique ways to get over anything on your way.
- Evade, punch and roll to become the hero you’re meant to be.
- Rekindle the glorious past of platformers in a brand-new, up-to-date adventure.
- Find every pick-up scattered throughout the map, from tints to paint Pico’s scales to unique collectibles.

--------------------------  CONTROLS  ---------------------------

|                           | Xbox 360 controller    | Keyboard + Mouse
|--------------  |--------------------------- | -------------
| Move             | Left stick                            | WASD
| Camera        | Right stick                         | Mouse
| Jump             | A                                              | Space
| Head             |  LT                                           |  Lctrl
| Ball                | RT                                            |Lshift
| Punch           |  LB / RB                                |  Lclick / Rclick

To play the game on fullscren press key F11.
A gamepad is strongly recommended.


chipo-a-wild-adventure-installer.exe 171 MB

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